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Explore the powerful testimonials from our clients and see the transformative impact of Emerge Uninterrupted's coaching on their lives and careers.

I sought JoAnne's life coaching counsel for a few major areas in my life, and I have really been experiencing great outcomes! As a mom of two, I find it hard to organize and get things done. I was raised with the mindset of 'letting the kids be kids and keeping them out of the kitchen'. She has given me some great advice and encouragement, and I have been able to accomplish so much more by finding ways the kids can help. It's improved their behavior, and it's been nice to get some major organization done! She has even given me great advice for my brain fog and daily devotions. I may still struggle with certain things, but having someone to counsel and motivate you really helps! If you're seeking advice, then look no further. You truly have found a gem here. You won't go wrong in reaching out! Best of luck on your journey. - Alison 

JoAnne is great, and I truly mean that! She is very professional, practical, and insightful. Through all she's helped me with, I find myself becoming more confident and doing the things I've always wanted to do, while experiencing less anxiety. I never realized that by her asking me just one question, I could find the answer within myself. I have much to thank her for; after each coaching session, I felt better, more in tune with myself, and in an overall better mood. I'm so happy with the progress we have made together and will continue to enjoy our coaching sessions. - Niquole


JoAnne was very helpful to me. I wanted to start doing speaking engagements but didn't know how to begin. She gave me a lot of insight and examples on how to initiate a speaking event for my skincare clients. She also assisted me with my menu of services. She truly helped me strengthen my skincare business overall and gave me the confidence to push further in my business endeavors. She's a gem! - Kim

Thank you, JoAnne, for coaching me through a rocky time in my relationship with my son. I have taken your advice on setting boundaries and goals. Your positive and supportive style helped me to visualize a clear path to success. I appreciate the way you listen patiently and are able to provide insight in a compassionate and humorous way. You are very respectful, non-judgmental, and have a way of making one feel relaxed, while at the same time sparking a drive to put in the work. While change is often uncomfortable and can be overwhelming, it is nice to have a trustworthy, goal-oriented coach who can put things into perspective and remind me that the time and effort is worth it. Thank you so very much for all you do. - Laurel

I approached JoAnne for help when I was concerned about my large abdomen, which measured 43 inches. I was looking for effective strategies to lose weight and reached out to her for guidance. JoAnne offered me tailored suggestions to meet my weight loss goals. Under her coaching, she advised me to maintain a journal to track my weight, food intake, and meal times. Following her plan diligently, I was amazed to find that after two months, I had lost 20 lbs and 5 inches. I am immensely thankful for JoAnne's expertise in coaching and highly recommend her to anyone serious about weight loss. - Enock


Working with JoAnne has been a great decision. Before we had a coaching call, I was extremely nervous about posting on social media. Posting on social media had always been something I was scared of and avoided at all costs. By the end of the call, I gained a tremendous amount of courage and confidence to finally start posting. I was able to see how my limiting beliefs had been keeping me from having the life I always wanted. It has been a real game-changer to work with her. - Charlie

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